Process-What We Do

All In 1 Coatings in Orange County Ca follows a basic 5-step resurfacing process to refinish or re-glaze your bathtub, counter top, or sinks. While refinishing companies may have techniques or products that differ, the refinishing process itself is generally the same.

1. Clean and Prep Tub

First we clean and scrub out all contaminants, including removal of silicone caulking. Next, we make any initial repairs on bottom and sides of the bathtub.

2.  Site preparation

Because bathtub resurfacing is messy, we take the necessary steps to insure that your bathroom is protected from over spray with plastic sheeting taped securely at the edges.

The bathtub refinishing process can produce vapors that may cause irritation, so make sure there is proper ventilation until the process is completed.

3. Sand & Repair

To insure a proper adherence of the re-glazing, we first sand the existing coating adequately to insure a proper bond or remove and strip down entirely.

Any remaining cracks, chips, rust or weak spots are then removed as the last step to prepare for the primer.

4. Primer's include a wipe on for adhesion then 2-3 coats of epoxy resin

A primer is then applied to the bathtub surface and allowed to dry.

5. Coating -Polyurethane/•Apply 3 to 4 Different coats of acrylic urethane (which we use a greener material then most are using and follows strict federal V.O.C. laws. (or until we are satisfied that there is enough coverage)

 Multiple layers of coating are applied to reglaze and create a new waterproof surface. Once these coats dry, the sealer coat is applied, and your refinishing project is complete.

The bathtub refinishing process is simple. The bathtub will be ready to use after 24 hrs and the now you have a new beautiful tub surface that will last for years!