​Care Instructions

Care Instructions for Bathtub, Tile, Sink, Countertops, Fiberglass Enclosures ETC…

1. DO NOT use the surface for 24 hours upon completion.

2. DO NOT lay soap, sponges, cloths, bottles or any objects on the finish at any time! Purchase a shower rack instead.

3. DO NOT let a leaky faucet go unrepaired!

4. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers. No S-O-S Pads. No Comet/Bleach. No Drano, etc. No Soft Scrub. No razors. NO ABRASIVES AT ALL! Tub cleans easy with spray cleaner and a soft sponge.

5. Here are some good cleansers to use:  Foam cleaners are recommended, scrubbing bubbles(BEST read on back will say for refinished porcelain surfaces), Tilex, Lysol Tile Cleaner, Mr. Clean, and Fantastic. NO POWDERS, NO ABRASIVES, make sure no cleaner has bleach in it, just a soft sponge.

6. DO NOT use bath mats with suctions underneath. They may pull at finish and trap moisture.

7. DO NOT pick surface dust off with your finger. Any surface dust will likely dissipate in 3-4 weeks with normal cleaning and usage. Waxing also helps.

8. The best way to keep your tub clean is to wipe it down with a towel after each use. You don't have to wipe it dry.

9. Maintain caulking around the tub.

10. No washing of pets as their nails may cause damage.

11.  Recommend using sink racks to help with impact from dishes and utensils.



Any damage caused by defective material or workmanship such as peeling, blistering and cracking will be covered by terms of the warranty.  Warranty and Care instructions will be on the reverse of all invoices, please keep for your records.  Allin1coatings  will inspect the issue and determine whether we are at fault or if damage was caused by client do to neglect or misuse per care instructions.  Allin1coatings must be notified immediately as to not allow further damage.


Are as followed but not limited to stains, chipping, scratches, neglect per care instructions. Damage caused by shower door removal nor is Allin1coatings Tub and Tile Refinishing is not responsible for the changing of shower doors.  Allin1coatings is not responsible for plumbing, plumbing parts, the removal and reinstallation of plumbing parts. Allin1coatings will not be responsible for paint being pulled do to masking as this is usually caused by walls being improperly painted or water damage.  Allin1coatings does not warranty sinks, soap dishes or floors. There is also no warranty on rust, or the repair of cracks and holes. If foam injection is required Allin1coatings is not responsible for plumbing.  Allin1coatings does not refinish toilets, urinals or stove tops as these are cheaper to replace and do not hold up properly.  A service charge will apply for a repair Allin1coatings is not at fault. Concerns on lint or dust:  As much as we try to control the environment dust and lint is in the air and is unavoidable do to cleanliness of the site or other work going on.  Allin1coatings will not be responsible for excessive lint or dust.  A buffing charge may apply but we strive to keep the work area clean and free of contaminates as possible.  This warranty is non transferable.                              

We appreciate your business and look forward to future projects.


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